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At the Yolo County Archives we take pride in the work we do to help preserve the documents from our county that date back all the way to 1850!

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Sweepstakes winning float for the Winters Youth day. Photograph is Main and 1st street facing east. Stores visible are Greenwoods Department Store, Taylor's Hardware, and Kelvinatop Appliances.

Winters High School gymnasium with group of female students posing on the front steps. The same photograph as Coman98.

Photograph of 19th century farm scene. In the background are various barns and sheds. At the front left there is a man with plow & 2 horses. In the center there is a horse and buggy. At the right there are two horses pulling wagon with wooden…

RG 1000 #16-15 Adele Daily, Bemmerly Family Collection.pdf
Adele Daily, Bemmerly Family Collection- Publications and music books.

RG 1000 #03-28 Betty Coman Collection.pdf
Betty Coman Collection - Funeral Notices and Photographs


RG 1000 #10-19 Joann Larkey Research Collection.pdf
Joann Larkey Research Collection - Box List of 17 boxes and contents.

Two bartenders and four patrons posing alongside the bar in a saloon. There are several pictures running across the back of the bar along with two spittoons on the floor.

Group 1.pdf
Introduction of Yolo County Historic Resources Survey 1986. Pages i-56.

Group 2.pdf
Bridges of Yolo County Historic Resources Survey 1986. Pages 57-92.
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