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At the Yolo County Archives we take pride in the work we do to help preserve the documents from our county that date back all the way to 1850!

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Front facing photograph of a country home. The large two story home is Colonial style with the roof over the front porch supported by four pillars. The automobile on the left is under the arbor with an additional car at the back left of the…

This home was originally built in 1885 for family of Amos W. Gable and his brother Harvey C. Gable. Victorian vernacular form of Stick style. It is located at 659 First Street in Woodland. The home was restored in the 1970s by Bob McWhirk.

Photograph of the Porter Mansion in snow of 1916. A black dog is shown on sidewalk.

Photograph of the Porter Mansion, an elaborate two story home, built by Gleen and White. The house had a wrap around porch and ornamentation in the French Renaissance Style. It was home of Adelbert and Elizabeth Porter. The residence was demolished…

Front view of craftsman style home with wide front porch. It was the residence of C.L. Pugh. Seated on steps are small boy, Laurence Pugh, and his dog Jack.

Photograph taken of the Craftsman house with shingles and large front porch. The Mansfield family is posed in front: Dorinda (mother), Charles, Otis, Alonzo, Edward (father) in hat.

Photograph of a snow covered three story Georgian style home built in 1905. The home is painted white and featured green shutters, gables, and portico. In addition to covering the house snowfall has also covered the surrounding grounds.

Copy of a Masters photograph of a two story, shingle style, Queen Anne frame residence with a distinctive 3 three story octagonal tower. The home was built in 1890 with the photograph taken in early twentieth century.

Photograph of 19th century farm scene. In the background are various barns and sheds. At the front left there is a man with plow & 2 horses. In the center there is a horse and buggy. At the right there are two horses pulling wagon with wooden…

Photograph of an elaborate Victorian house with wrap-around porch located on Main and Walnut streets in Woodland. The street is unpaved, electric light pole, two prominent palm trees. This is the home of a Banker and well known Woodland family.
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