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At the Yolo County Archives we take pride in the work we do to help preserve the documents from our county that date back all the way to 1850!

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Blurred black and white photograph of three men in a snow covered field with a one of the men attempting to ride a bucking steer. Another man is holding on to a rope attached to the steer while the third man is waving his hat.

Color photograph of a member of the Silverado Spinsters spinning wool by hand on a spinning wheel. The group does "Sheep to Shawl", processing wool in small quantities by hand at the Yolo Wool Mill open house.

Color photograph of a large machine (wool skein winder) that winds wool yarn into skeins 200 yards long. Jane Deamer, owner and manager of Yolo Wool Mill is showing people how the machine works.

Color photograph of the rear of a large wool spinning frame made by Whitin Company. Barrels containing "roving" (strands of washed and carded wool) feed roving into machine which spins them into yarn.

Black and white photograph of a tractor and wagon loaded on to a railroad car ready to be transported. The wagon holds several different pieces of farming equipment.

Photograph of Davis taken from the top of the University Farm Water Tower.

A group of men preparing to process pigs that have recently been slaughtered. Pigs are hanging in the background near a pump house while the men prepare to process them. Rolling hills and a barn are also in the picture background.

A large group of workers and onlookers threshing and sacking grain. A variety of horses and mules can be seen at different spots in the picture. Rolling hills and oak trees are in the background.

Color photograph taken in January 2006 on County Road 31 east of Winters. Visible is a dirt farm road, green field of alfalfa, power poles and the blue ridge mountains capped with snow.

Photograph of a ten mule team hitched up to a cart of hay and grain ready to go into town. The driver is standing in front the team with large hay stack in background.
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