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Nishikawa 1943 August 9th



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[file: Nishikawa_1943Aug09] [envelop]

                                                                             [post mark]
                                                                                                 AUG 10
                                                                                                 4 PM

Mr. Jack Vasey,

          Main St.,


                                                                                   Amache, Colorado
                                                                                   August 9, 1943

Dear Mr. Vasey:

    Chas. Received your letter and the

sample copy of the affadavit that you sent on to Roy. Thank you very much for the trouble caused you for writing it.

     Your letter was very interesting.

Chas. asked me to write to you to thank you. He should write to you but I am writing for him.

    I am sure that Roy will

appreciate the affadvit and it will help him greatly in his hearing.

    I presume that the peaches are

ripe now and every one is busy. Read that Elbertas were selling for $60.00 per ton. How high is labor? It must be very hot there. It is also very hot here. The weather is very sultry since this used to be a desert before our barracks were built.

[page two of letter] 2- Almost every day we get a dust storm. We can’t keep our windows open during these storms. If we do, we find dust about inch deep on our beds and furniture.

    It is true that Mrs. Yamamoto passed

away. I think it was about Februrary that she passed away. Mr. Yamamoto is not too well.

     How are most of my friends in Winters

Fine, I hope. I haven’t written to Kathryn or Mrs. Griffin for a long time. I hope they are well. I guess Rickey was [crossed out] must be a big boy by now. I guess Mr. Griffin must be busy with his peaches. Is John still in Florida? Read where Joe got engaged to a girl in Sacto. I guess mast [crossed out] most of my friends in high school are in the army now. These have been many volunteers from this center to Camp Shelby, Miss. to form the combat team.

    I guess I will close now thanking 

You for the letter and affidavit.

              Thank you,
                    Hatuie Nishihawa
                        8E – 9D

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