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Onishi 1945 March 14th

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Onishi 1945 March 14th





[file: Onishi_1945Mar17 B]

Feb 17-

Mr. Jack Vasey -

How have you been ever since/

I hope you’re doing okay Jack.
As for me, I’m doing fine and dandy

At present, I’m working at the

Sanitation Office, and still staying
healthy as ever.

The weather here is very changeable.

Yesterday it was windy and dusty. Today
it’s nice and warm. Tomorrow it may
be cloudy and cold. One gets puzzled
over what to wear next.

We’re treated very well here so

I’m getting to like this place.
Except for dust – it’s a very nice nice pla [page torn]
To stay -

Well – Jack – I must report to work

now so here’s good luck – and may
you stay healty until – I see you
again –So long -

Yours truly
C. Onishi




“Onishi 1945 March 14th,” Yolo County Archives, accessed June 25, 2018, http://yolocountyhistory.com/items/show/24.

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