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At the Yolo County Archives we take pride in the work we do to help preserve the documents from our county that date back all the way to 1850!

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Students and teachers posing for a photograph on the front porch of a wooden schoolhouse. Two of the approximately fifty students picture are Etta Snowball and possibly Lucille Jack.

Black and white photograph of eleven young women who are members of a field hockey team. Lined up in one row they women are in uniform, wearing shin guards, and are holding their field hockey sticks.

Five members of the Woodland High School class of 1937 people sitting on a float celebrating Woodland High School being 100 years old. Those in the picture are: L-R Margaret Nicholson, Jane Schneider, Carl Schneider, Malcolm Nicholson, Ray Penrose.…

Home economics display of garments made by the Woodland 8th and 9th grade class. The display consists of aprons, skirts, blouses, etc. There is no date to the picture but clothing looks like late 19th century.

Photograph taken in 1926 of the Fairfield School. The schoolhouse is white clapboard with a bell tower and was built about 1900. The building was demolished 1967.

Photograph of a teacher and ten school children posing by an organ in a living room. Those pictured include: From Ada Merhoff's Capay Valley book: Summit School Class of 1899, Mrs. Tittle and her class (L-R) Will Logan, Leo Hayes, Ruby Simpson, May…

Postcard of a photograph of six girls posing with a basketball. The Winters High School Girls Basketball 1906 team has seven players included in the picture.

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Color photograph of large painted mural on south side of the Grafton school building. The mural shows people and local landmarks under the banner: "La Communidad" & "A United Community". The mural was painted in 2003.

Photograph of a single story brick schoolhouse, built in 1922. The school has several large windows on the side with an arched entry way. The Monument School building was demolished in 1957.

Photograph of school children and teachers posed outside the Dunnigan schoolhouse. Several of the young boys in front row are holding baseball bats. Names of those pictured are on the back of the photograph.
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