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At the Yolo County Archives we take pride in the work we do to help preserve the documents from our county that date back all the way to 1850!

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Color photograph of a member of the Silverado Spinsters spinning wool by hand on a spinning wheel. The group does "Sheep to Shawl", processing wool in small quantities by hand at the Yolo Wool Mill open house.

Color photograph of a large machine (wool skein winder) that winds wool yarn into skeins 200 yards long. Jane Deamer, owner and manager of Yolo Wool Mill is showing people how the machine works.

Color photograph of the rear of a large wool spinning frame made by Whitin Company. Barrels containing "roving" (strands of washed and carded wool) feed roving into machine which spins them into yarn.

Black and white photograph of a tractor and wagon loaded on to a railroad car ready to be transported. The wagon holds several different pieces of farming equipment.

Color photograph of as Blackwelder tomato harvester moving down a row in a field. A number of workers can be seen on the harvester processing tomatoes.

Photograph of a sugar beet dump located near Monument Bend. Included in the picture is a trucked used truck to transport beets, conveyor belt and dump mechanism. The rail cars used to transport beets is also visible. Hop vines can be seen in the…

Photograph of a tractor and rice harvester in rice field on the Fisher and Rich Ranch located on RD1600 next to Sacramento River. Three men (Oscar ?, Ed Woodred, Fred S.?) can be seen on the equipment.

Photograph shows farm truck loaded with freshly cut hop branches ready to be hauled to the hop kiln. Two men and one woman (unidentified) are standing in front of truck.

Color Xerox of 1909 photograph of grain harvester being drawn by more than 20 mules. The original picture was taken on the Mitchell farm, South of Dunnigan. John Mitchell is standing on ground next to harvester.

Color photograph taken in 2001 of an old wooden combine harvester manufactured by the Holt Mfg. Co. The Harvester is on display in the barn in the Nature Preserve.
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