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1869 Zumwalt-Smyth.pdf
Certificate of marriage between Derius B. Zumwalt and Mary Smyth

Photograph of Zamora Union School. Schoolhouse is made of stucco with a tile roof. A flagpole is present and shrubbery run along the schoolhouse side.

Several women standing next to platform of the Zamora train depot. The building is one room frame structure. Originally called "Black's Station", the Southern Pacific Railroad changed name of community to Zamora.

Photograph shows long frame building with "Zamora" in large letters on the roof. The spire of church is visible behind roof.


Color photograph of single a story metal building housing the Zamora Branch of the U. S. Post Office. A flagpole in front along with a small parking area.

Zamora Haybalers Championship Team. Back row left to right: Darrell Hayes, Don Schlosser, Lowell Quinn, LaVerne Croll, Art Clark, Jim Long. Front row: Asa J. Morris, Shorty Orth, LaVerne Hermle, Al Hermle, Dick Morris, Ted Long.

The front entrance to the Zamora Grocery and Merchandise Store. A wooden store with front porch, the picture taken from dirt road in front. The store sold general merchandise as well as gasoline, tires, etc. The gasoline pump is outside near a…

Reprint photograph of the Zamora Grocery and Merchandise store which housed other businesses as well. Shown is the front of store - false front - hand pump - signs for Fisk Tires, gasoline & Yolo County Free Library, which was housed inside.

Photograph of a simple church; most likely located in Zamora.

Sweepstakes winning float for the Winters Youth day. Photograph is Main and 1st street facing east. Stores visible are Greenwoods Department Store, Taylor's Hardware, and Kelvinatop Appliances.
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