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At the Yolo County Archives we take pride in the work we do to help preserve the documents from our county that date back all the way to 1850!

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Postcard of the South Hall Dormitory, University Farm, located in Davis, California. Hall is three stories tall with large porch at front entrance.


Yolo County Exhibit in the Dairy Building of the California State Fair.

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A dairy industry float "The Fairies found in Milk" in an early day Picnic Day Parade.

Nineteen players and one coach of the 1929 Davis football team that won S. C. A. L. championship. Several players in the back back row are holing the champioship pennant.

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Photograph of nine men &and women having picnic on the grass. Horses can be seen in the background.

Photograph of a 19th century thresher with steam engine. Seven laborers are posed on the thresher

Hervester pulled by 32 mule team in the Zamora hills. Note the wagon hauling sacks of grain in the background.

32 mule team harvestor owned by Jim Slaven, Sr. Pictured are John Slaven (driver), Eugene Slaven (separator man). At the top right is Bill Quinn (sack sewer), Bernard Slaven (arms folded/sack sewer), the 5th man remains unidentified.

Color photograph of two members of the Zamora 4-H Club, Daniel and Abigail Berke, at the Yolo County Archives with Archivist Mel Russell. They are researching their "History of Bridges in the Zamora Area" Project.

Five men seated men in touring car. The banner on side of the automobile reads "Meet Me at Woodland 4th of July". The G. Lawson Insurance office is visible in the background.


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