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At the Yolo County Archives we take pride in the work we do to help preserve the documents from our county that date back all the way to 1850!

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Black and white posed photograph of Susie (Gusie?) Wolfskill.


Black and white photograph of a young women stacking firewood. She is wearing a full length dress and a number of pine trees are in the background of the picture.


Blurred black and white photograph of three men in a snow covered field with a one of the men attempting to ride a bucking steer. Another man is holding on to a rope attached to the steer while the third man is waving his hat.

Photograph of a large group of people milling about on Main Street in Woodland.


Color photograph of a member of the Silverado Spinsters spinning wool by hand on a spinning wheel. The group does "Sheep to Shawl", processing wool in small quantities by hand at the Yolo Wool Mill open house.

Color photograph of a large machine (wool skein winder) that winds wool yarn into skeins 200 yards long. Jane Deamer, owner and manager of Yolo Wool Mill is showing people how the machine works.

Color photograph of the rear of a large wool spinning frame made by Whitin Company. Barrels containing "roving" (strands of washed and carded wool) feed roving into machine which spins them into yarn.

Posed photograph of two men standing outside wearing swimsuits. Both men are barefoot, smiling, and one is holding a towel.


Black and white photograph of two brothers, possibly twins, posing for a picture. The boys are dressed identically each one wearing dark colored overalls and straw hats.


Posed black and white photograph of a boy standing by a chair and ottoman in a photography studio. The boy is formally dressed with a large bow around his neck.


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