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A Visual History of Yolo County

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A Visual History of Yolo County


Yolo County Photograph Collection


1000 images selected from the Yolo County Archives to give a representation of collections in our care.


This collection has an index and can be found in the Index Collection under the name "A Visual History of Yolo County Photo Index."


Digitized photographs in Tiff. form.



Items in the A Visual History of Yolo County Collection

Grain Seperator<br />
Early 1900s steam tractor and grain separator run by W. C. Curtis threshing outfit about 1905. Curtis with hand on wheel of sack cart. 25 ft. cut, 48 in. separator.

Alfalfa Mill<br />
Men and horse-drawn wagons unloading sacks of meal.

Yolo County Agriculture <br />
Page from the Great Western Magazine showing a State Highway, grapes being picked, harvesting of hops, dairy cows, vineyard, and an alfalfa field in Yolo County.

LaRue Ranch Almond Packing Shed<br />
Men and women posed in packing shed around boxes in LaRue Ranch, Davis.

First Irrigation Pumping Plant<br />
First irrigation pumping plant in Yolo County on Byron Jackson Ranch, 2 miles south of Woodland.

Grain and Feed Outlet<br />
Interior of a Grain and Feed Outlet. Shown are Bruce Tolson and Henry Kiehn's cousin, Tod's father.

West Sacramento Railroad Bridge<br />
At "M" Street Looking east, West Sacramento.

Nelson&#039;s Bridge<br />
P. N. Ashley's Nelson's Bridge-Rd 102 near Rd.17.

Winters Bridge<br />
High water, Putah Creek at Winters Bridge.

Yolo County Causeway<br />
Repair work on Yolo Causeway due to fire damage.